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Portrait: Karólína Eiríksdóttir

As Karólína Eiríksdóttir´s opera MagnusMaria will have continuing new performances this fall in Stadsteater in Stockholm and the National Opera in Helsinki, Ásgerdur Júníusdóttir, mezzo-soprano and Tinna Taorsteinsdóttir, pianist will give two concerts with Karólína´s works during that period. Ásgerdur sings one of the leading parts in the opera and together with Tinna they will a.o. premiere a new song cycle, which Karólína wrote especially for them, to new poetry by author Sjón. The first concert takes place in the Norwegian Church in Stockholm on Nov. 29th and at the Icelandic Embassy on Dec. 1st; Iceland´s Self-governance Day.

Magnus Maria at the National Opera in Helsinki

HESINGFORS 3 DECEMBER 2016 kl. 20.00
Helsingegatan 58, 00250 Helsingfors

Magnus Maria in Stockholm

The opera Magnus Maria will be performed at the City Theatre in Stockholm.
Stockholms stadsteater
Kulturhuset, Sergels torg, 103 27 Stockholm

Magnus Maria nominated to a prize

The opera Magnus Maria is nominated to the Nordic Council music prize 2016.

Hlíf Sigurjónsdóttir at Dark Music Days

Hlíf Sigurjónsdóttir performs Meditation for solo violin at the Dark Music Days Festival.
Harpa, Norðurljós, Reykjavík
January 30th 2016.

Magnus Maria at The Reykjavík Arts Festival

The opera Magnus-Maria will be performed at the National Theatre of Iceland on June 3 2015, 20:00 as part of the Reykjavík Arts Festival.

Berglind Maria´s Lock at The Reykjavík Arts Festival

The recently discovered instrument called Lokkur can be traced to Icelandic settlers in the United States of America in the early decades of the 20th century.

Lock— which can be described as a hybrid of the Icelandic musical instrument Langspil and a spinning wheel — was considered to be “a woman’s instrument”, perhaps due to its similarities to the latter.

The project consists of an exhibition of the Lokkur and its history together with short recitals which will include new commissions for the instrument by Karólína Eiríksdóttir, Þórunn Gréta Sigurðardóttir and Berglind María Tómasdóttir.

Árbær, Open Air Museum
May 31 14:00 concert May 31 16:00 concert June 7 14:00 concert concert
June 7 16:00 concert

Caregivers at The Reykjavík Arts Festival

Caregivers, by Libia Castro og Ólafur Ólafsson, will be screened at Bíó Paradís cinema, on the opening weekend of Reykjavík Arts Festival.

The video portrays two migrant caregivers from Ukraine and Romania and their elderly clients in their relationship and daily work in the area of Rovereto.
For the video´s soundtrack the artists commissioned the Icelandic composer Karólína Eiríksdóttir to write a music score to an article, written by the journalist Davide Berretta, describing this recent and rapidly growing phenomenon.
Performed by soprano Ingibjörg Guðjónsdóttir, Matthías Nardeau oboist and the Garðabær Women's Choir, conducted by Ingibjörg Guðjónsdóttir.

Magnus-Maria in Oslo

The opera Magnus-Maria will be performed at the National Opera and Ballet in Oslo, May 23rd 2015 and in Ystad in Sweden, May 27th 2015.

Katrina Chamber Music Festival, The Åland Islands 5-9 August, 2014

Clouds for solo cello, Soliloquy for solo violin and String Tune for viola and piano will be performed at the Katrina Chamber Music Festival in Åland, August 7th, 8th and 9th 2014.


Magnus-Maria, an opera by Karolina Eiriksdottir with a libretto by Katarina Gäddnäs, directed by Suzanne Osten, dramaturgy and adaption by Ann-Sofie Bárány, will be premiered in Åland July 15th 2014.
Singers: Hillevi Berg Niska (SE), Lisa Fornhammar (SE), Maria Johansson (SE), Ásgerður Júníusdóttir (IS), Therese Karlsson (ÅL), Annika Sjölund (ÅL) og Frida Josefin Österberg (ÅL) with actress Andrea Björkholm (ÅL/FI).
Conductor: Anna-Maria Helsing.

Premiere: Alandica July 15th 2014, 7 PM.

Performances in Alandica:
17.7.2014, 7 PM, 18.7.2014, 7 PM, 19.7.2014, 3 PM, 19.7.2014, 7 PM, 20.7, 3 PM

Other performances:

Köpmansgatan 10, 68600 Jakobstad
Saturday 26.7.2014, 7 PM

Hornsgatan 72, 118 21 Stockholm
Wednesday 30.7.2014, 8 PM

Esbo stadsteater, kulturcentrum
Norrskensvägen 8, Hagalund
Sunday 7.9.2014, 4 PM

In Vultu Solis in Helsinki

HELSINKI 9.04.2014 Helsinki Music Center, Camerata at 19:00 • DocMus-concert Nr. 4 - Nordic Violin Music written in 1970 - 1980 • Annemarie Åström, violin - Annika Palm and Lars Karlsson, piano - Tomas Nuñez-Garcés, cello • E. Englund: Sonata for violin and piano, A. Nordentoft: 2 satser for violin og klavir, A. Eliasson: In Medias for solo violin, K. Eiriksdottir: In Vultu Solis for solo violin, L. Karlsson: Arioso for piano trio

Live broadcast via internet:

Women solos

Pieces by five female composers will be set to dance by five female choreographers at the 15:15 concert series. Valgerdur Runarsdottir will compose dance to Clouds for solo cello by Karolina Eiriksdottir, performed by Gunnhildur Halla Gudmundsdottir cellist.
Nordic House, Reykjavík, Sunday March 9th 2014.

Tinna Thorsteinsdottir at Dark Music Days

Pianist Tinna Thorsteinsdottir performs Partita by Karolina Eiriksdottir at a solo recital at the Dark Music Days festival.
Dark Music Days, Harpa - Nordurljos, Sunday February 2nd 2014.

Gudny Gudmundsdottir at Dark Music Days

Violinist Gudny Gudmundsdottir performs In vultu solis by Karolina Eiriksdottir in a solo recital.
Dark Music Days, Harpa - Nordurljos, Saturday February 1st, 2014

The Note

Dots, Water and Colours by Karolina Eiriksdottir at The Note, festival of Icelandic music schools. Performed by students from the Alftanes Music School.
Harpa - Eldborg, Sunday, April 14th, 2013.

Icelandic folk music at Dark Music Days

Pianist Thorarinn Stefansson performs arrangements by Icelandic composers of Icelandic folk songs. Two arrangements by Karolina Eiriksdottir; Island farsaelda from and Liljulagid.
Dark Music Days, Harpa - Kaldalon, Friday February 1st 2013.

Alftanes Music School at Dark Music Days

25th anniversary of The Alftanes Music School was celebrated at a concert with new music composed by students and professional composers.
Dots, Water and Colours by Karolina Eiriksdottir was among featured pieces.
Dark Music Days, Harpa - Kaldalon, February 1st, 2013, 5 PM.

The Viola and various voices

Jonina Audur Hilmarsdottir, viola with mezzosoprano Asgerdur Juniusdottir and pianist Astridur Alda Sigurdardottir premiers an arrangement of the lullaby Now I Close my Eyes by Karolina Eiriksdottir. The arrangement was written for Jonina in memorium of Jonina's mother and sister.
Thjodmenningarhus, November 21st 2012, 8 PM.

Oboe Concerto at Helmifestivaali

Matthias Nardeau performs Oboe Concerto by Karolina Eiriksdottir at the Helmifestivaali, Seinäjoki, Finland with the Seinäjoki City Orchestra and conductor Tuomas Rousi.
Helmifestivaali, Seinäjoki-sali, Friday March 9th 2012.

Alftanes Music School

25th anniversary of The Alftanes Music School was celebrated at a concert with new music composed by students and professional composers.
Dots, Water and Colours by Karolina Eiriksdottir was among featured pieces.
Vidistada Church, November 3rd 2012.

Oboe Concerto

Matthias Nardeau premiers Oboe Concerto by Karolina Eiriksdottir with the Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra and conductor Bernhardur Wilkinson.
Dark Music Days, Harpa - Nordurljos, Sunday, January 29th 2012, 8 PM.

Saxophone Quartet at Dark Music Days

The Icelandic Saxophone Quartet performs Saxophone Quartet by Karolina Eiriksdottir at a concert at the Dark Music Days Festival.
Vigdis Klara Aradottir, Sigurdur Flosason, Peter Tomkins and Guido Bäumer.
Dark Music Days, Harpa - Kaldalon, January 29th 2012.

Icelandic folk music

Pianist Thorarinn Stefansson gives a recital with Icelandic piano music at the Sigurjon Olafsson Museum. Among pieces on the program is an arrangement by Karolina Eiriksdottir of the folksong Enginn lái ödrum frekt.
Sigurjon Olafsson Musem - Tuesday September 6th 2011.

Saxophone Quartet

The Icelandic Saxophone Quartet performs Saxophone Quartet by Karolina Eiriksdottir at a concert with Icelandic saxophone quartets at the Skalholt Summer Concerts.
Vigdis Klara Aradottir, Sigurdur Flosason, Peter Tomkins and Guido Bäumer.
Skalholt´s Church, July 31st 2011.

La Biennale di Venezia 2011

La Biennale di Venecia June 2nd - November 27th 2011.
Olafur Olafsson and Libia Castro represent Iceland at the Venice Biennale 2011. Among their works are two video works with music composed by Karolina Eiriksdottir; The Constitution of the Republic of Iceland and Your Country Doesn´t Exist. Your Country Doesn´t Exist will be performed live in a gondola traveling the canals of Venice by mezzo-soprano Asgerdur Juniusdottir, trumpetist David Boato and guitarist Alberto Mesirca. The Constitution is performed by Bergthor Palsson baritone, Ingibjorg Gudjonsdottir, soprano, Hymnodia, chamber choir, pianist Tinna Thorsteinsdottir and double bass player Gunnlaugur Torfi Stefansson, conducted by Eythor Ingi Jonsson.

Guðný in Tallin

Violinist Guðný Guðmundsdóttir gives a recital at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre on February 19th at 6 PM. Two solo violin pieces by Karólína Eiríksdóttir will be on the program: In vultu solis and Soliloquy.

The Constitution on TV

The work Constitution of Iceland by composer Karólína Eiríksdóttir and visual art duo Ólafur Ólafsson and Libia Castro airs on RUV (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service) Channel 1 on the 16th of February 2011 at 22:15 pm. Performers are singers Ingibjörg Gudjónsdóttir, Bergthór Pálsson, the chamber choir Hymnodia with conductor Eythór Ingi Jónsson, Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir, pianist and Gunnlaugur Torfi Stefánsson, double bass player. Rerun on 20. Feb. 2011 at 13:50 pm

The Constitution of Iceland

The Constitution of Iceland by composer Karólína Eiríksdóttir and visual art duo Ólafur Ólafsson and Libia Castro will be performed on the 12th of February 2011 in Hafnarborg (The Hafnarfjordur Centre of Culture and Fine Art) at 3 pm. Performers are the chamber choir Hymnodia with conductor Eythór Ingi Jónsson and singers Bergthór Pálsson and Ingibjörg Gudjónsdóttir as well as pianist Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir and double bass player Gunnlaugur Torfi Stefánsson.

Hong Kong

William Lane, violist, and Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir, pianist, play String Tune for viola and piano at a recital in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lee Hysan Concert Hall, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College on September 9th 2010 at 8 pm.


Samuli Peltonen, cellist, plays Clouds for solo cello as a part of the Elokuu-ensemble's Nordic tour. Nordic House, Reykjavík, August 3rd, 2010.

Tinna in London

Pianist Tinna Thorsteinsdottir gives a solo Recital at The Foundling Museum in London 17th of June 2010 at 1 pm with an Icelandic program. Works by Jón Leifs, Mist Thorkelsdóttir, Karólína Eiríksdóttir, Hilmar Thordarson and Thorsteinn Hauksson.

The Garðabær Women’s Choir

The Garðabær Women’s Choir performs "Úr árstíðasöngli" at their anniversary concert. May 2nd, 2010, at Langholtskirkja. Conductor: Ingibjörg Guðjónsdóttir.

Ögmundur Thor in Seattle

Guitarist Ögmundur Thor Johannesson gives a solo recital at the Nordic Heritage Museum (Mostly Nordic Chamber Music Series) in Seattle on April 11th 2010. Sonata for solo guitar by Karolina Eiriksdottir is on the program.

Guðrún in Pozsnan

Flutist Guðrún Sigríður Birgisdóttir will perform Spor/Traces for alto flute in a recital on February 18th in Aula Nova í Pozsnan. Spor was written for Guðrún who premiered the piece in 2000.

Ögmundur Thor at Dark Music Days

Guitarist Ögmundur Thor Jóhannesson will give the Icelandic premiere of Sonata for guitar at his recital at the Dark Music Days Festival. Wednesday, January 27th at the Norcic House in Reykjavík at noon.

Sonata was written for Ögmundur Thor Jóhannesson, who premiered the piece in France on July 8th 2006.

Hymnodia at Dark Music Days

Blíða for chamber choir with text from Milton's Paradise Lost, Icelandic translation by Jon Thorlaksson will be performed at Hymnodia's concert at the Dark Music Days Festival on January 31st, at 2 o'clock, location to be announced. Conductor: Eythor Ingi Jonsson.

Blíða was written for Hymnodia's tour to Switzerland in September 2009.
The premiere took place in Ruduborg in Reykjavík on September 8th 2009.

Hymnodia in Switzerland

The Chamber Choir Hymnodia with conductor Eythor Ingi Jonsson gives concerts with music by Icelandic women in Switzerland and Reykjavík in September 2009.
Premiere of Blíða by Karólína Eiríksdóttir.

Reykjavík, September 8th 2009
Martin-Luther Kirche, Zürich, September 11th.
Klosterkirche, Wettingen, September 12th.
Reformierte Kirche, Umiken, September 13th.


Suðsuðvestur in Reykjanesbaer, Iceland
September 5th - October 11th 2009

Music video.
Video: Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson
Music: Karólína Eiríksdóttir
Text: Davide Berretta
Ingibjörg Gudjónsdóttir, soprano
Matthías Nardeau, oboe
Womens' Choir of Gardabaer


A new piece for The Reykjavík Trio will be premiered March 29th, 2009. The piece is commissioned by the Trio, celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Women and Chamber Music

On International Women’s Day, 8 March at 17:00, a concert at the Culture House with chamber pieces by contemporary Icelandic female composers. Music by: Jórunn Viðar, Þóra Marteinsdóttir, Mist Þorkelsdóttir, Karólína Eiríksdóttir, Anna Þorvaldsdóttir, Þuríður Jónsdóttir, Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir, Bára Grímsdóttir and Elín Gunnlaugsdóttir.
Performed by: Hlín Pétursdóttir soprano, Bryndís Pálsdóttir, Greta Guðnadóttir and Hildigunnur Halldórsdóttir violins, Herdís Anna Jónsdóttir viola, Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir cello, Anna Guðný Guðmundsdóttir and Ingunn Hildur Hauksdóttir piano, Helga Björg Arnardóttir clarinet, Þuríður Jónsdóttir flute and Eydís Franzdóttir English horn.

Gradus ad Profundum

Thórir Jóhannsson performs Gradus ad Profundum for solo double bass at three recitals: in Laugarborg March 13th, Dalvík March 15th, and at the Sigurjón Ólafsson Art Museum, March 22nd 2009.


Music video.
Video: Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson
Music: Karólína Eiríksdóttir
Text: Davide Berretta
Ingibjörg Gudjónsdóttir, soprano
Matthías Nardeau, oboe
Womens' Choir of Gardabaer

ARCO - Art Fair, Madrid - presented by Galeria Adhoc, Vigo
11th - 16th of February 2009

Biennale Cuveé - OK Center, at venue 'Arbeiterkammer', Linz
About 35 artists selected from the recent biennials of Shanghai,
Seoul, Gwangju, Liverpool, Sevilla, Taipei and Yokohama
15th March - 15th May 2009
Curated by Manray Hsu

Europe XXL - Liquid Frontiers, Tri Postal, Lille
14th March - 12th July 2009
Curated by Iara Boubnova

(e)migrants with(in) - Open Space, Vienna
21st March - ? 2009
Curated by Nada Prlja

Solo show - Gallery Arve Opdhal, Berlin
20 March - 12 April 2009

Solo show - Galleria Riccardo Crespi, Milan
22nd March - 22nd April 2009

At your service - David Roberts Foundation Fitzrovia, London
15th April - 27th June 2009
Curated by Cylena Simonds

Invasion of Sound - Zacheta National Art Gallery, Warsaw
13th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival
6th April - 14th of june 2009
Curated by Agnieszka Morawińska and François Quintin

Generosity is the new political - Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge
5th September - 25th October 2009
Curated by Lotte Juul Petersen

Tinna and Frank

Concert at the Dark Music Days festival on Saturday February 7th 2009 in Hafnarborg.
All works are premiered for the combination piano and percussion. Performers are pianist Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir and percussionist Frank Aarnink. Works by: Anna S. Thorvaldsdóttir, Karólína Eiríksdóttir, Thurídur Jónsdóttir, Áki Ásgeirsson, Páll Ivan Pálsson, Áskell Másson and Steingrímur Rohloff.


Concertmaster Guðný Guðmundsdóttir performs Soliloquy for solo violin August 19th 2008, at the Sigurjón Ólafsson Art Museum.

Star Murmur

Berglind María Tómasdóttir, flute, and Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir, piano, will perform Star Murmur on two occasions; in Akureyri on July 25th and in Reykjavík on July 27th 2008.

The Caregivers

The Caregivers is written in cooperation with visual artists Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson.

Music video. 14 mint / color / sound / language English / subtitles English and Italian
19 JULY – 2 NOVEMBER 2008

The music-video Caregivers portrays two migrant care-givers from Ukraine and Romania and their (elderly) clients in their relationship and daily work in the area of Rovereto. The work combines visual arts, journalism and classical contemporary music. It ́s structure is conceived roughly as a (pop)music video intertwined with documentary and home-video portrayal, juxtaposing the video images with a newspaper article which has been turned into a classical-contemporary music piece.
The writer is a young Italian-American journalist Davide Berretta. The music is scored for soprano, women choir and oboe. The music is recorded
in Iceland and performed by soprano Ingibjörg Guðjónsdóttir, oboe player Matthías Nardeau and the Women's Choir of Garðabær.

Meditation for solo violin

Violinist Una Sveinbjanardóttir will perform at the annual music festival Vid Djúpid in Iceland this summer along with pianist Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir. Program: Sonata by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett for violin and piano, Recitativo e Arioso by Witold Lutoslawski for violin and piano and Meditation by Karólína Eiríksdóttir for violin. June 23rd 2008, in Edinborgarhús in Ísafjördur at 12.10 pm


Guðný Guðmundsdóttir, concertmaster, will premiere a new piece for solo violin at Salurinn on March 27th at 8 pm. The piece is written for Guðný. Pianist Shoshana Rudiakov, cellist Gunnar Kvaran and violinists, former and present students of Guðný will appear at the concert with her. On the program are work by Bartók, Vivaldi, Franck and Dvorak.

The Icelandic Constitution

Music to the Icelandic Constitution will be premiered at Ketilhúsið in Akureyri on March 15th at 2 pm.
This is a joint production of the visual art duo Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson and composer Karólína Eiríksdóttir. The piece is scored for soprano, baritone, piano, double bass and mixrd choir and will be premiered by soprano Ingibjörg Guðjónsdóttir, baritone Bergþór Pálsson, pianist Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir, bass player Gunnlaugur Torfi Stefánsson and the chamber choir Hymnodia directed by Eyþór Ingi Jónsson.

The performance is a part of the Art exhibition Bye-bye Iceland, which opens the same day at the Akureyri Art Museum.

Soprano and piano

Soprano Ingibjörg Guðjónsdóttir and pianist Valgerður Andrésdóttir will perform "Njóla" and "Sólin er runnin upp" at the 15:15 concert series in the Nordic House on March 9th, 2008.

Concert in Paris

Music by Karólína Eiríksdóttir
18, rue de l'Hôtel de ville, 75004, Paris
Salle Edmond Michelet
February 26th, 2008
Sonata for guitar, Ögmundur Thór Jóhannesson, guitar
Flute Reel, Hafdis Vigfúsdóttir, flute
Partita for piano, Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir, piano


Berglind María Tómasdóttir and Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir performed Star Murmur for flute and piano at Maybeck Studios, Berkeley, CA, on the 10th of February 2008 at 4 pm and on Bang on a Can’s Marathon Festival on the 9th of February at 1.15 pm in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts' Forum, San Francisco, CA.

Njúton/Dark Music Days Festival

5th of February 2008: Concert in Reykjavík at the Dark Music Days festival. Berglind María Tómasdóttir, flute and Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir, piano will premiere a new piece for flute and piano.

Tinna in Paris

Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir, piano. Concert at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris on the 8th of January 2008 at 8.30 pm in Salle Edmond Michelet. Program: Catalogue d'Oiseaux, Book V by O. Messiaen, Partíta by Karólína Eiríksdóttir, Granit Games by Mist Thorkelsdóttir

New piece for piano

Pianist Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir will premiere a new piece for piano at a recital at The Reykjavík Arts Festival.
Laugarborg, May 22nd and Ýmir, May 24th.

Concerto for two flutes and orchestra

Concerto for two flutes and orchestra will be premiered by flutists Gudrun S. Birgisdottir and Martial Nardeau with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra at the Dark Music Days Festival in Reykjavík, February 2007.

Clouds - choreography

The Finnish choreographer Ulla Koivisto is working on a choreography of Clouds for solo sello for a performance at the Helmi Dance Festival in Seinajoki in Finland, September 15th -17th. Dancer: Satu Rekola, cellist: Samuli Peltonen.

New opera

Shadow Play

Music by Karólína Eiríksdóttir
Libretto by Sjón
Visualization by Messíana Tómasdóttir
Ingibjörg Guðjónsdóttir, soprano, Ásgerður Júníusdóttir, mezzosoprano, Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson, tenor, Sverrir Guðjónsson, countertenor
Conductor: Guðni Franzson
New Icelandic opera based on a story by H.C Andersen
The String Theatre in coproduction with the Icelandic Opera

Sonata for guitar

Sonata for guitar, premiered by guitarist Ogmundur Thor Johannesson at the Festival de Musique Provence –Islande on July 8th 2006.

Dark Music Days

Sergio Puccini will premiere Within the Circle for solo guitar. Laugaborg, Eyjafjarðarsveit February 9th 2006, Nordic House, Reykjavík, February 11th 2006, 3 pm.

Dark Music Days

The Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra performs Six Movements for String Quartet at a concert in the National Gallery of Iceland, February 12th 2006 at 8 pm.

The Reykjavík Trio

Concert at the Hafnarfjörður Institute of Culture and Fine Arts

Sunday October 9th, 2005

Music by Karólína Eiríksdóttir, Hjálmar H. Ragnarsson and Schumann

The Reykjavík Trio
Guðný Guðmundsdóttir, violin, Gunnar Kvaran, cello and Peter Máté, piano.


Concert with music by Karólína Eiríksdóttir at the National Gallery of Iceland, October 8th, 2005, at 5.30.

Solo and chamber works from 1992-2002.

Renku (1992) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Na Carenza (1993) for mezzosoprano, oboe and viola
Hugleiðing (1996) for violin
Capriccio (1999) for clarinet and piano
Strenglag (2002) premiere for viola and piano
Miniatures (1999) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Að iðka gott til æru (2001) for mezzosoprano, oboe, viola, cello, harpsichord and mixed choir

Ásgerður Júníusdóttir, mezzosoprano
Matthías Birgir Nardeau, oboe
Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, clarinet
Una Sveinbjarnardóttir, violin
Guðrún Hrund Harðardóttir, viola
Hrafnkell Orri Egilsson, cello
Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir, piano
Guðrún Óskarsdóttir, harpsichord
Skálholt Chamber Choir
Hilmar Örn Agnarsson, director